Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend Salvage Reboot

Well, apparently Blogger's meltdown a few weeks ago ate my first crack at this and so we'll start anew. You still have a day to pick up May's dollarbie before it goes up to it's regular price of $55L.

On June 1, I'll release the 8 prim herbal terra cotta planter pictured below. It's one of a couple of versions of planters I'm putting out. This one features three herbs (Chamomile, Sage and Rosemary) as well as a trailing Wandering Jew.

The pot itself is a deep bowled terra cotta, dug out from someone's old garden. Roots and old vines are permanently imbedded in the clay in a kind of organic lace. I did try using a wire brush to get it off but I was afraid too much scrubbing and the pot itself would break, so I just sanded it a bit and resealed the clay to make it sturdy enough for a porch.

There's four shops open now; main store in Transylvania and the small shop in Gallinas. The stores in New Life and the newest shop in New Toulouse Bayou, lean more toward the garden salvage end of it, but I'll be rotating stock through all four. Also Check out my partner In New Toulouse Bayou - Piddlers, for less salvage and more trendy furniture.

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