Sunday, June 19, 2011

New June Releases and the Home & Garden Market

Where I live, summer starts with coolish mornings and moves into sultry hot afternoons, where sunglasses and a glass of something cold are required. It's also time for nearly every sun-loving thing that blooms too bloom, and the air is filled with the scent of roses, magnolias, gardenias and the sharper scents of rosemary bolting and mints making the air taste like my favorite accent to a glass of honey-sweet tea.

Whatever is laying around seems to become the perfect planter for whatever is looking for space to grow, be it old tires, an old wheelbarrow or that old milk can you picked up at the local flee market.

To salute that overgrown and lovely spirit, I've put out three new planters, top filled metal milk cans, where wildflowers grow and ivy sways gently in whatever breeze it can find. The white is a little chipped and worn, the patina has turned a little green, or has rusted outright.


I'm also participating in the premier two week market for the new Home & Garden Market. Two markets per month that run two weeks with at least one exclusive item and price for the market. The premier them was Country Kitchen, and I have a spring green table and chair set for you at only $100L. Four chairs with 5 fun sits from Ajna Animations, one of them for you host or hostess to work on slicing vegetables for lunch or dinner while talking to friends, and a towel to wipe the sweat from your face. Once the market is over for this two weeks, the price will double, so get it now while it's fresh and cheap!

Last but not least I've set out five new single av sofa's (I'm working on sofas you can share with friends.) I found some old wrought iron bedframes, tucked them into a new frame and used some worn fabrics to cover the comfy pillows. Shown here is the Autumn version: rich brocade ticking mattress and some overstuffed accent pillows. There are five other versions at the shops, from pastel country, to a rich red paint and black leather if you are more inclined to the goth side of things. Come take a sprawl and see if this isn't the perfect sofa for you to watch a lazy summer day go by.

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