Sunday, July 24, 2011

Newness and changes

I'm seriously behind on this end of the store; I love to blog but I love to build and there's only so many hours in the day. What have I got for you? Lots of newness.

First, my partner's store, Piddler's Perch, has shifted from the shared main store in New Toulouse Algiers to her own space and brand new store. As we both add items, there's space and prim counts to consider and Rowan is going like gangbusters with adding to her offerings. So do yourself a favor and visit Piddler's Perch at Emerald Cove, where she has lots of new things, and lots of opening gifts to offer.

And what do I have for you? A lot. July's Dollarbie is a Truck tire planter with sits. Come on, it's the epitome of Trailer decor and this one has been painted and planted and is wide enough to make a good perch for watching the summer days roll by and soaking up some rays. It's a little primy at 21 prims but oh, so fun.

This weekend only, you can pick up two of my favorite items for half price or less at the New Life Store only: The Home & Garden Market is sponsoring the sale of "My Favorite Things" this weekend.

The first offer is the birdie blue desk set with chair and rug; this is a low prim favorite, that tucks nicely into a corner room or porch. Animated sits and a soothing blue color. The desk itself usually goes for $100L but it's half proce so you get the chair and rug for free. And at 4 prims total for the set, pretty much everyone has room for it no matter the size of their inworld home.

I like all these sofas but for some reason the color combo in the black and violet sofa is especially soothing. It's great for lounging about while you do other things (like making blog posts). It's only $50L this weekend only.

Speaking of The Home & Garden Market, I'm there for the next couple of weeks as part of the summer garden event. My offering is a Wrought Iron garden bench with sits for singles and couples, set around a lovely Magnolia Grandiflora tree. The bench itself sits up to 4 people, wth single and couple poses. The tree is one of my favorites and moves gently in the breeze, whit blossoms swaying and spanish moss trailing. At the market, it's only $75L. half the price it will be when it comes off it's exclusive premier there. And while you are there, check out ofther offering from my Southern Garden collection. I'm a southerner (USA) by birth and one of the things I love about the south is the amazing array of blooming plants and trees that are native to the area and that thrive there. At the Market and at my shops you can find Forsythia, Rose of Sharon, Clematis, Honeysuckle and Crepe Myrtles. Most of them are no copy but are priced as low as $25L so you can make quite an impressive southern garden of your own for not many lindens.

Just released this weekend are two items that lean more toward the Goth/Medieval end of the style spectrum. First up is a classic Scribe's Desk with animated stool. The desk opens and closes, comes with a quill pen you can wear and is filled with oddities and manuscripts.

The second is a bit of indulgent whimsy; The Throne of Thornes is a sculpted chair with four animated sits; thorn bedecked vines weave together to make and intimidating looking seat, and yet keep it elegant and fluid. An embossed red leather chair pad and back protect your regal person from the worst of the sharp pointy parts so you don't actually need armor to sit in it, but, the sharp spikes are certainly handy in keeping plotting underlings on their toes.

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