Friday, August 12, 2011

New & Old: August 12-14

Week 11 of La Venta is up and what I have for you is pure summer goodness:

The Summer chaise, includes the chaise with couple & singles sits for two, a footstool with sits for one, and a Rose colored tray with Coffee and Croissants for two. Breakfast, Brunch or just being by yourself for a little pampering, the summer chaise has all the comofrts of home, without ever leaving it!

The Summer Chaise set is $100L for the La Venta even only - it will go to $150L after Sunday Midnight.

Also new in the main store are three versions of Nana's Sideboard. They are all slightly different, but hopefully remind you of all the treasures you found while visiting your own grandmother and the things she held onto, dishes that remind you of her long after she's gone. It's a keepsake and a memory keeper.

(clicker for larger views)

It comes in worn, blue and dark, with different dish sets. The sideboard itself is only 3 prims, but all the elements are removable to have a few or add your own. The set is Trans/No Copy/ No Mod so it's perfect for gift giving.

And this week at the Cookie Jar sim, you can get, My Lord's gothic Chair for $50L. Last week I offered you the lady's version, this week it's for the master of the house. Carved wood, highly polished, a brocade cushion for My Lord's Tender parts, simple elegance.

The BoHo Pavillion was originally only available at the Cookie Jar sim stall, but now you can pick it up at all stores. The Pavilion has multiple sit options for singles or couples, every cushion offering a different set of sits; solids for men, lace edged for women, floral for couples. Sparkly party lights and hanging baskets decorate the frame and there's a touch on/off light for after the sun goes down. Whether you're having a conversation with friends or want to get cozy with a lover, the Boho offers you a colorful, whimsical hideaway.

And if it's me time you are looking for, just to be alone or to daydream, the While-A-Way wishing well may be just what you are looking for. You can sit and dream, or make a wish. There's a couple of wee birdies to keep you company and flowers to brighten your day. Parts of the well are removable so if the 30 prims makes you nervous, the well itself is only 5 with the water; and the birds and vines, flower rings and even the bucket draw can be removed to fit your prim count.

You can see the well and test out the sits at the mainstore.

Also, at all stores, you can find this month's dollarbie: a pair of bright colored geranium hanging baskets with an extra length of chain to fit any porch or kitchen. Red geraniums pop up happily from a nest of trailing pothos vines. Guaranteed to make you smile and they are trans so you can share one with a friend.

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